Compact gas and odour filters – Chemifilter W

Chemifilter W range of gas&odours filters from Alphachem could be an interesting solution in ventilation applications of public buildings, or for the control of certain gases at low concentrations such as formaldehyde, mercury vapor, nitrogen and/or sulfur oxides, mercaptans, volatile organic compounds, and odors, in some industry, hospitals, laboratories …
Those polyhedric filters, with standard measures, can be incorporated into existing air treatment units, extraction hoods or within tailored housings.

Due to its characteristics Chemifilter W have significant advantages over others:

Very light structure made of injected polystyrene and aluminum

High quality and capacity […]

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How to protect electronics from corrosion

Most of pulp&paper plants and crude refineries among others industrial facilities, and also an increasing number of waste water treatment plants, protect their electronics from environmental corrosivity.
During the productive process, some acid and/or corrosive gases are released, such as hydrogen sulphide, SO2, ozone, nitric oxides, etc. These gases come into the electrical rooms through the doors and windows, HVAC systems or others, creating a highly corrosive environment inside and thus affecting electronic instrumentation.
To protect electronics from this environmental corrosivity we must keep them away from corrosive gases. How could […]

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Portable Gas Filtration Unit

A portable chemical filtration system could be a really good choice when there are several and not continous gas emision sources.
You may find it useful in some cases where gas filtration is needed like:

Odour abatement in small or intermitent waste/procces water treatment plants, food industry, solid waste treatment, pulp&paper…

Accidental leakages of SO2 and chlorine in water potabilization, spa & swimming pools, chemical industry…

Emision control of VOCs, hydrogen sulphide and others in industry.

Formaldehyde removal in power plants.

The unit is delivered ready to use and could be loaded with different adsorbent medias, […]

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Odour control with activated alumina-based adsorbents, the most efficient solution

Odour removal with multi-bed systems based on activated alumina adsorbents concentrates the benefits of a train ofchemical scrubber towers with in a compact unit without the need to handle hazardous substances. Moreover, the use of inorganic media with a high degree of selectivity and efficiency regardless of variations in the flow and concentration of malodorous compounds makes it an option with many benefits over biological treatment.
For some time now, odour control systems with activated alumina-based adsorbents have proved to be a more than attractive option for tackling odor problems at […]

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