GREENKEEPER IBERIA is a Spanish company composed by experts in Gas Phase Filtration with large experience in the industry. With its own facilities, develop and commercialize engineered media for air/gas purification for more than 20 years with distributors in all 5 continents.

ALPHACHEM is the registered trademar k of GreenKeeper Iberia for its range of products for chemical air filtration

ALPHACHEM is a company founded in 2012, integrated in the Greenkeeper Iberia group and formed by professionals with extensive experience in the chemical filtration of air and gases.

With its own factory in Spain, it designs, manufactures and markets Chemical Medias and Air Handling Units (AHUs) for dry chemical air filtration. Its most important applications are the protection of control electronics against corrosion, generated by corrosive gases emerging in the manufacturing process, the removal of Odors in waste water treatment plants, biogas purification, the elimination of polluting gases in building interiors, the preservation of works of art, and all those applications where air or gas filtration is necessary.

Its constant investment in R&D&I allows Alphachem to offer high quality products to the market, using local raw materials and low prices, as well as contributing to reduce the carbon footprint of its products.

Is our commitment to sustainable development and energy saving, making that our proposals include equipment and most suitable products for each target, minimizing both initial investment and subsequent consumption of energy and spares.