Industrial Applications

We help our clients classify air quality in various environments. Designs filtration and purification equipment based on key operating parameters and manages projects for the implementation of pressurization and deodorization systems.


Dry scrubbing is one of the most popular alternatives for deodorisation due to its high performance in the elimination of malodorous compounds and flexibility in terms of flow rates and concentrations.

Greenkeeper Iberia manufactures and markets different types of filter media, based on alumina, zeolite or activated carbon, capable of eliminating most pollutants under the most demanding conditions.

Alphachem filter media can be used in bulk, in V-Pack Modules, Chemifilter W type filters, or in any other format. In order to estimate the date of exhaustion and foresee their replacement, periodic sample analyses are carried out free of charge for customers.

In addition, Alphachem deodorisation units guarantee maximum performance of the chemical filter media. Our technical-sales department selects the most suitable for your customers from the SF range (compact polypropylene towers with several layers of Alphachem filter media) or from the SFM range (horizontal metal equipment with several banks of V-Pack modules).

In the production process of some industries such as Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper, waste water and others, corrosive gases are produced (mainly H2S, SOx, Cl2, O3, HF and NH3) that penetrate the electrical rooms through doors, false floors or cable glands, creating a highly corrosive environment, affecting instrumentation and causing breakdowns.

GREENKEEPER IBERIA, through its brand ALPHACHEM, has its own monitors and coupons to determine environmental corrosivity, and the most efficient gas filtration equipment to protect electrical rooms by pressurising them with chemically filtered air, so that electronics are safe from corrosive gases.

Alphachem filtration equipment incorporates the appropriate chemical filter media, normally Alphachem 8 and Alphachem 15, to remove corrosive gases with maximum efficiency in short residence times, maintaining their performance until complete exhaustion. In order to foresee their replacement, periodic sample analyses are carried out, free of charge for customers.

Our technical-sales department advises and offers the best solution with the most suitable equipment from the SPV range (vertical equipment with 2 beds of V-Pack modules), SFM (horizontal equipment with 2 to 3 beds of V-Pack modules) or PBS (horizontal equipment with 2 to 4 beds of Alphachem bulk chemical media).

Dry biogas purification is one of the most widely used alternatives due to its high performance in removing both H2S and siloxanes.
Alphachem by Greenkeeper Iberia manufactures and commercialises different types of filter media, based on alumina, zeolite or activated carbon, capable of covering a wide spectrum of pollutants.
Biogas is mainly composed of methane and carbon dioxide. It also typically contains low concentrations of hydrogen sulphide (H2S), hydrogen, nitrogen, siloxanes, volatile organic compounds and moisture. The relative amounts of these vary according to the origin of the waste used in biogas production.
Alphachem has developed several products with special formulations that provide a high H2S adsorption capacity. They are also recommended for the removal of mercaptans, organic sulphides and other malodorous compounds. On the other hand, thermally activated bituminous carbons of different qualities are also available, capable of removing a wide spectrum of high molecular weight pollutants such as
Alphachem filter media are generally used in biogas purification in bulk form, however, they can be supplied in a wide variety of filters as well as in any other format. To anticipate depletion and estimate the replacement date, periodic sample analyses are carried out free of charge for customers.
Alphachem biogas purification units guarantee maximum performance of the filter media. Depending on the composition of the biogas to be treated, our technical sales department selects the most suitable from the range of compact towers in polypropylene, stainless steel or fibreglass reinforced with one or more layers of Alphachem filter media.

Indoor air quality in buildings and enclosed spaces has become a major concern in our society. In Europe, legislation had been passed to require the maintenance of a number of outdoor air renewals (through ventilation) depending on the type of room, surface area and the number of people in the room. In the United States, ASHRAE proposes that in order to maintain indoor air quality, full filtration can also be used in place of ventilation. Filtering particles and gases.
Particle filtration has become especially well known for using HEPA filters to remove viruses and bacteria. But indoor gas filtration is equally important because increased concentrations of gases in an enclosed space not only produce a feeling of being stuffy, but can also affect health.
Gases such as ozone, sulphur product gases, nitrogenous gases, volatile organic compounds etc. can affect even small concentrations when exposed for hours on a daily basis.

The use of chemical filtration instead of ventilation to remove gases is not only a benefit for health, but also for economy, as it avoids having to recondition the ventilation air by heating or cooling it depending on the outside temperature.

GREENKEEPER IBERIA, under the brand name ALPHACHEM, has the whole range of products for chemical air filtration. Specific filter media to eliminate the different ranges of gases that can be found indoors, as well as all the filter presentations that are installed in air handling units (AHU), specially designed for indoor use.

Alphachem’s technical team will help you choose the best alternative for each case, with specific engineering according to the flow rates and type and concentrations of gases to be treated.