Gas Phase Filtration Equipments


Deep bed filtration systems, compact, made of polypropylene and widely used for deodorization in wastewater treatment plants, waste and agri-food industry.
They have several beds with the most suitable bulk filter media, depending on the characteristics of the stream to be treated. Standard treatment flow rates for these units range from 30 to 10,000 m3/hr.

Modular filtration systems, built in aluminium or steel, are widely used for removal of corrosive gases that affect the control electronics. Also used for deodorization or other gas phase filtration applications.

Alphachem SFM units incorporate modules M-12 or M-18 filled with our chemical adsorption media, as well as particulate filters.

These units can work with natural ventilation (passive configuration) or with forced ventilation (incorporating fan stage).



painted walls, widely used for environmental corrosivity control in electrical rooms. They are used in rooms where the filtration unit is required to both pressurize and recirculate the air in the room. They are especially used in rooms where personnel traffic is high, such as control rooms.
The SPV units incorporate our chemical filter media inside V-Pack M-12 cassettes, fan motor with speed regulator and particulate filters.
Standard flow rates range from 100 to 3,400 m3/hr.

unidades de presurizacion PBS

Packed bed filtration units (Packed Bed System), built in stainless steel, widely used for removal of corrosive gases that affect control electronics. They are also used in odor control or gas filtration applications in general.

PBS units incorporate the most suitable filter media in bulk.

Standard design flow rates range from 200 to 10,000 m3/hr.