Gas phase filtration media
Wide range of chemical filter media for removal of different types of gases
Corrosion Control
We help you save your electronic equipment from the damaging effects of corrosion caused by gaseous contaminants in the air.
Odor Control
We can help you eliminate unwanted odors in plants of water, waste, food processing and create a more comfortable, healthy environment.
Biogas purification
We help you remove gaseous contaminants such H₂S, VOCs and siloxanes for biogas conditioning


ALPHACHEM is the registered trademark of GreenKeeper Iberia for its range of products for chemical air filtration.

Within our portfolio of products we can offer you:

Suitable filter media for each target

At Alphachem, we invest constantly in R&D&I to offer high quality products to the market, using local raw materials and low prices.


Is our commitment to sustainable development and energy saving, making sure that our proposals include equipment and most suitable products.

Alphachem helps customers classify air quality in various environments. Designs filtration and purification equipment based on key operating parameters and manages projects for the implementation of pressurization and deodorization systems.


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