Activated Carbon


producto-carbon-activoAlphachem can provide any type of activated carbon, virgin or impregnated, activated with steam or acid washed, mineral (bituminous) or wood (coconut shell, pine-tree… ) base, in pellets, powder or granular.


Particle size is critical: usually for air treatment we propose pellets with average diameters of particle ≥ 3 mm, although there are applications with narrow beds (respiratory masks, laboratory hoods…) requiring lower particle sizes. On the other side granular activated carbon 8×30 mesh (0, 6-2, 36 mm), 12×40 mesh (0, 425-1, 70 mm) as well as powder, are normally used for filtration of liquids.


In gas phase filtration removal capacities for each family of pollutants may vary according to the impregnation. Thus for the removal of ammonia, we will choose an activated carbon impregnated with sulphuric acid, or with elemental sulphur if target contaminats are mercury vapours.


For odour control we can offer high capacity activated carbon (impregnated or catalitic) to remove hydrogen sulfide.


If you desire to have our proposal, we will need to know the application, as well as the characteristics of the current to be treated: temperature, flow, pollutants and its concentration.