Air Drying

Activated Alumina

AS5_2_Sil modulo secado aireActivated alumina spheres, size 1/8” (2-5 mm) or 1/4” (5-7 mm), specially developed for dinamic air drying. Widely used before air compressors. Available in 25 kg bags, 150 kg (200 l) steel drums and big bags. Other presentations under request.



silicagelType A silicagel pearls, sizes 1-3 and 2-5 mm, suitable for estatic and dinamic air drying. Available white-translucid or coloured with and indicator that change colour when exhausted.

Packed in 25 kg bags. Other presentations under request.



Drying gel blanket

silicagelDrying gel blanket of 50×90 cm and 2.3 kg of weight, eliminates the environmental humidity minimizing the development of fungi and condensations in containers. Capable of absorbing up to 360% of its weight in water. Its exclusive gel-based formulation prevents dripping of absorbed water.
Supplied in boxes of 10 units.
Also available in 125 gr sachets.