Chemical media


Alphachem 8

Potassium permanganate impregnated activated alumina spheres, capable of removing hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, ethylene, formaldehyde, SOx, NOx… Widely used for the corrosion control in industrial environments, cleanrooms, general air purification and elimination of ethylene for control of ripening of fruits, vegetables and flowers.




Alphachem 15

Caustic impregnated activated alumina spheres for the removal of acids and corrosive gases, especially hydrogen sulfide and sulphur dioxide. Also chlorine. Its main applications are industrial corrosion control and deodorization in sewage.




Alphachem Blend


Blend of different Alphachem products at desired proportions. The most common is Alphachem Blend 8A, composed of equal parts of Alphachem 8 and Alphacarb, remove a wide range of malodorous or toxic compounds. Widely used in deodorization, control of VOCs and improvement of indoor air quality in offices, hotels and public buildings.




Alphachem 5


Activated alumina spheres specially impregnated for the removal of chlorine, fluorine, iodine, bromine and acid gases. Applied in corrosion control in the industry as well as facilities for detailed gas leakage control.





Pellets of high quality activated coal, impregnated or virgin according to the needs of purification.