Biological Products

Waste water treatment

depuradora2-rRange of products to get better performance on the WWTP or to remove any specific contaminant. There are special products for:

  • Overloaded or seasonally collapsed WWTP
  • H2S reduction causing odours and corrosion problems
  • Sludge quality improvement
  • Nitrification improvement
  • COD reduction at industrial WWTP



Septic tanks

These products improve the natural occuring biological process thus reducing odours, crusts and organic load. Availables in solid or liquid, bulk or in soluble sachets.



Air treatment

bacteriasBroad spectrum of bacteriological solutions for biofilters, depending on air flow and type of contaminants: VOC, H2S, ammonia…

Hidrocarbon degraders and land remediation

Products for hydrocarbons and petrochemicals removal from contaminated soil or water. Could be applied by injection, spray or windrows.



Agricultural slurries treatment

Bacteriological-enzymatic compounds that liquefies farm sewerage and compacted feed. Widely used in pig manure processing. Advantages:

  • A product with a totally harmless application.
  • It accelerates the breakdown of organic material.
  • Clears blockages .
  • It considerably reduces bad smells and other disturbing consequences.
  • It reduces ammonium levels.



Household, hotel and restaurants

Cleaning productsProducts for floor, carpets or toilet cleaning, fat traps, piping unblocking…

Availables concentrated or ready-to-use. Gives longer effects than usual chemical products.


Biological additives for detergency and cleaning products formulations.
Could substitute some chemical aditives giving longer cleaning effects.