Compact gas phase filters – Chemifiliter W

Chemifilter W range of gas&odours filters from Alphachem could be an
interesting solution in ventilation applications of public buildings, or for the control of certain gases at low concentrations such as formaldehydformaldehido, mercury vapor, nitrogen oxides and sulfur, mercaptans, volatile organic compounds, and odors, in some industry, hospitals, laboratories…


Those polyhedric filters, with standard measures, can be incorporated into existing air treatment units, extraction hoods or within tailored housings.


Due to its characteristics Chemifilter W have significant advantages
over others:

  • Very light structure made of injected polystyrene and aluminum.
  • High quality and capacity Alphachem’s chemical medias
    together with the large internal volume available will give longer duration.
  • Low pressure loss due to the hardness,
    shape and quality of chemical adsorbents.
  • No dust generation thanks to specific media filter.
  • Treat flows up to 3400 m3/h.

These filters can load any of our chemical media, activated alumina, zeolite or activated carbon based,
or mixtures of some of them. In each case the most appropriate product is selected to achieve the best result.

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