High Performance Bioreactors

[title size=”2″]HIGH PERFORMANCE BIOREACTORS[/title]

biotricking AzzuroBiotechnology can provide the best overall solution for emission reduction when compared to other available technologies like chemical scrubbers or carbon. It also has the least impact on our environment.

Our principal Azzuro has optimized reactor internal conditions in order to get total control of the biological process.

Due to the extreme combination of contact surface area and void volume space, the Torrenta series of biotowers have the lowest carbon footprint and the highest efficiency rate per volume. As a consequence the head loss is the lowest in this industry, which translates to less energy required (in blower horsepower) to treat the same volume of air, which means lower electrical costs for the customer.

Product advantages:

  1. handles more air in the same volume.
  2. handles higher loads in the same volume.
  3. optimized media pressure drop.
  4. smaller towers for the same application, resulting in the smallest footprint.
  5. treatment of higher carbon (VOC) concentrations


Azzuro’s solutions for emision controls consist of multistage biorreactors, in order to get the most appropiate environment for the removal of contaminants such sulphur compounds, VOC ammonia and aminos.